Get the Secrets

to creating your own emergency fund now!

Learn how to:

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Have Peace In Financial Stress
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Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck
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Have a Long Term Savings Plan
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Remove Road Blocks
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Build a Safety Net  
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Automate Your Savings

Who This Book Is For 

Whether you're just beginning your financial journey, facing challenges in emergency savings, or you are already on your way to achieving your emergency fund financial goals, this book has something for you. Throughout its comprehensive chapters, we hope this will equip you with the knowledge and tools to create a solid emergency fund for life's unexpected moments. 

People Living Paycheck to Paycheck

If you're facing obstacles in know how much emergency fund dollars you should have stashed away, the chapter on challenges provides insights and solutions to common problems like how to save money for people face this journey.  

Beginners to Financial Planning

If you've ever wondered why you should have an emergency fund, or how to even start building one, this book will guide you through what an emergency fund is and the importance of emergency savings and the step-by-step process (the how) of creating your safety net. 

Anyone Seeking Financial Security

For those seeking to build a financial safety net for unexpected challenges, this guide offers insights on starting amounts, long-term goals, and a detailed emergency fund calculator in the way of a simple formula.  

Those Looking to Beef up Their Emergency Fund

If you've already started on your emergency savings journey, delve into the chapters discussing how to save money but building savings goals, the advantages of dedicated savings accounts, and the convenience and benefits of automating your saving. Let’s dive in!