How to Choose the Best Personal Finance & Budgeting Software

Choosing the Best Personal Finance Software

How to Choose the Best Personal Finance & Budgeting Software

There is no shortage of personal finance software solutions available to everyone. There are so many options that choosing one (or more) can be stressful. Most people compare the features of budgeting software, like Mint vs YNAB vs Financial Hope, but what if you don’t know which features you should be focused on? Every person needs their own budgeting solution and we want to help, so we created this guide to choosing the best personal finance and budgeting software.

Understand your financial goals

Your financial goals are going to determine how important certain features are – like investment tracking, credit monitoring, planning, etc. So consider what is important to you, and where do you want to be in 5,10,20+ years? Are you doing fine now, or do you need help budgeting? Are you saving enough to retire the way you want to and when you want to?


Perhaps the most important, and possibly overlooked feature of any financial software is security. You are connecting your bank accounts, assets, any many other highly-important items of your identity so that the software can actually help you – but that means that security better be at the forefront of the software company’s mind. Needless to say, make sure the software you’re considering is secure.


Everyone is different, not all budgets are the same, not all financial goals are the same. That is why many folks consider customization to be important when choosing a budgeting software.

Scenario Planning

Considering moving? Or a new job? Or starting/expanding your family? Aren’t you curious how that will impact your finances? Life is always changing, so if you’re someone that likes to plan or try to stay ahead on your budgeting, scenario planning is probably a pretty important feature.


Sometimes, simply knowing how much of your money is where doesn’t help. Sometimes you need help changing behaviors in order to reach a specific goal. Plenty of people find themselves setting a budget and then exceeding that budget every week/month because they can’t change their spending habits, or more importantly, how those habits are impacting their financial future.

Time Commitment

Yes, your finances are important – but so are many things in your life. Most people don’t have an excessive amount of time to commit to budgeting, even if they would like to. So, you probably want to make sure that the option you select fits into your schedule so that you can really commit to your budget and make the most of the software you choose.


Want your software to do the work for you? Well… it’s not exactly like that, but if you are serious about budgeting but also don’t want to spend all of your free time managing that budget, you likely need to make sure that the solution you choose is automated. It can be time-consuming to confirm your transactions, assign categories, etc. – so be aware of your time commitment and your own ability to stay on top of it.

Customer Support

Often overlooked in the research phase of choosing a software, but perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle is customer support. At some point you will need help – whether you have a question about where something is located in the software, how to access features, video tutorials, etc. that’s all customer support. Make sure that after you subscribe to the budgeting software that you can get the assistance you need.

There are many more things to consider when choosing a budgeting software, but these are the attributes we consider to be the most important. If you still need help choosing a budgeting software, check out this finance and budgeting tool comparison.

The best budgeting features

We know how stressful and time consuming budgeting and managing your finances can be. Our features make budgeting and understanding finances easy.

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Top Budgeting Software Features

Financial Hope's budgeting software offers unique features to help you plan, track and share your budget. With what-if scenario planning, forecasting, financial education and more, this budgeting software has everything to help you fully understand your finances.

Scenario Planning

The power of What if? See your future by proposing changes and see the results!

Available to Spend

Knowing your inputs and outputs, we know what you can spend - not just your balance.

Cash Flow

One location to view your finances, income, expenses, debts and more.


Future look feature for up to 12 months with linked accounts, tracking your future.

Financial Education

Learn ways to increase savings, reduce debt, and improve your finances.

Simple Budgeting

Quickly create budgets, view your spending and plan your next steps.​

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