Scenario Planning with Finance

Stop the worrying – plan out life’s scenarios. The Scenario Planning tool allows you to see how major life events will impact your finances.

Preparing A Financial Plan for Life's Scenarios

Financial Hope's Scenario Planning capabilities make it easy for you to see life's events - no matter how big or how small - will impact your finances.

Getting Engaged/Married

The power of What if? See your future by proposing changes and see the results!

Growing Your Family

Knowing your inputs and outputs, we know what you can spend - not just your balance.

Taking a Change In Salary

One location to view your finances, income, expenses, debts and more.


Future look feature for up to 12 months with linked accounts, tracking your future.

Investing More/Less

Learn ways to increase savings, reduce debt, and improve your finances.

& More!

The possibilities are endless. Whatever life throws at you, we're here to help you plan.

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scenario planning

See how your finances change with your life.

Life changes all the time. New jobs, moving, promotions, relationships, hobbies, and children are only a few scenarios you may want to plan for. Wouldn’t it be nice to accurately see how that new promotion will impact your finances?

  • See your Past
  • Plan your Path
  • Explore your Future