Connected Accounts

How to think of Connected Accounts in Financial Hope

Connected Accounts

How to Think About Connected Accounts in Financial Hope

At Financial Hope we connect to provider accounts through a system called Yodlee. This system allows us to connect to over 16,000 different accounts from bank accounts investment accounts credit cards or debt accounts securely and in such a way that we never know anything other than what you want us to see. What this does is it allows us to have a full view of your financial landscape.

Once we have connected we are able to process the data to identify components that are relevant to you so that you can have a simple budget.

What Happens Once you Connect an Account?

Once you’ve securely connected it account through logging in, we will begin to look at the historical transactions on your account. We’re going to look for very specific pieces of information regarding your income your debts your liabilities and expenses that occur on a regular basis.

Our algorithms will then process that data to generate a income on your account, classification of category expenses and recurring expenses, then identification of any debts you may have.

This allows us to identify your cash flow patterns and generate unique insights for you so you can spend less time budgeting and more time planning life.