Andrew Stadtlander

Andrew Stadtlander

Founder - Product Vision

Andrew Stadtlander: Over 15 yrs in tech leadership, expert in fintech strategy, system integration, and driving innovation.


Andrew Stadtlander

Andrew Stadtlander is a seasoned Senior Technology Leader with over 15 years of experience in leadership in software development. He has lead enterprise-wide changes and delivering significant results in modern software environments, managing ambiguity in digital spaces, and formulating effective corporate strategies.

Andrew has managed international and domestic teams, setting visions and strategies for software development departments. He has successfully led major initiatives, transitioning legacy systems to modern cloud-driven technologies, and coached teams for operational changes. He worked closely with finance and CFOs to develop competitive pricing strategies, managing P&L within budgetary constraints, and leading projects that transformed master scheduling, planning, and forecasting processes.

His technical and strategic leadership has been instrumental in driving the creation of Financial Hope with innovation and operational efficiencies, showcasing a blend of technological prowess and financial acumen

•  Extensive Senior Technology Leadership Experience: Over 15 years of experience in software development, managing complex technology projects.

•  Strategic Vision and Execution: Proven ability in setting visions and strategies for software development departments, vital for navigating the rapidly evolving fintech landscape.

•  Experience with Financial Systems and ERP Integration: Key experience in integrating Commerce platforms with enterprise resource planning systems, managing financial systems, that are a core aspect of fintech.

•  P&L Management and Strategic Financial Planning: Experience working with finance teams and CFOs to develop competitive pricing strategies and manage budgets effectively.